Transitional Kitchens

For homeowners who cannot choose between traditional and modern kitchen designs, a transitional design is the perfect solution. It usually boasts fusion features. For example, a refrigerator that looks like a retro appliance but has modern performance features with better energy efficiency may be chosen.

A transitional kitchen design is meant to be elegant like a traditional design without taking away the comfortable feeling or practicality of a modern style. Blending a sleek new look with classic sophistication can be difficult without the help of a professional.

When professionals help with a transitional kitchen design, they usually consider the following criteria:

  • What the homeowner likes
  • The homeowner’s preferred features
  • Desired colors, textures and features
  • Budget concerns
  • Feasibility of design layout

Once homeowners think about these issues, they can usually narrow down their choices. Since some transitional pieces can be expensive, people who have a tighter budget may need to make a list of priorities with the must-have features at the top and the preferred ones at the bottom. Most people are surprised by the innovative transitional kitchen design solutions created by professionals.