Traditional Kitchens

For those who like a timeless style that reflects comfort, warmth and sophistication, traditional kitchens are ideal. They were popular in both European and American homes throughout the past several centuries. Today, traditional kitchens feature the same styles but with new materials. Homeowners can also enjoy the most modern technology while maintaining a classic look. For example, a modern refrigerator can be outfitted with a custom door that matches the cabinets or wall. These are some common design elements of a traditional kitchen:

  • Ornate trim
  • Hand-crafted wood cabinets
  • Granite or marble counter tops

From the sheer elegance of a Victorian style to the rich warmth of a Georgian look, there are plenty of themes to match a wide array of preferences. Some homeowners prefer an early American style with its retro beauty, and others like the commanding look of a Regency theme.

The only difference is that a modern spin on classic designs yields functionality and practicality. When attempting a remodeling project for a traditional kitchen, homeowners must carefully consider the desired look and feel of the room. Budget concerns, must-have features, negotiable features and materials are also important considerations.