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About Italy Modern Kitchens

Italians love the elegance that emanates from their culture, and this is reflected in modern Italian kitchen designs. Earth tones with warm hues are common for cabinets, floors and walls. Stainless steel counter tops and appliances are the highlights of some designs, and one interesting addition that is being paired with them is chalkboards. Shelves above counter tops add more space, and some exist between the counter tops and cabinets. Others replace cabinets for a more spacious look. Long drawers under range tops and sectioned cabinets make the standalone shelves easier to use than above-counter cabinets that are often hard to reach.

Rustic country themes are still popular in several parts of Italy. Modern kitchen designs often feature stable-like doors and reclaimed wood counter tops. Most themes include muted blues, greens, pinks or yellows. For unusually small kitchens, mirrored panels on the walls or cabinets add more depth to the room. These are some other common elements of modern Italian kitchen designs:

  • Island range tops with under-counter storage
  • Long and tall smooth cabinets
  • Tall cabinets with rotating storage
  • Hanging cabinets with lights