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About Canada Modern Kitchens

Most modern kitchens in Canada connect the sink, the stove and the refrigerator for easy access. This makes cooking and cleanup much more efficient. Canada is known for being a fast-paced place where everything imaginable is available on demand, and this is why the work triangle concept works nicely. Homeowners who choose a modern kitchen style in Canada also save money on materials. This is true even with pricier materials since they last for many years and wind up being less expensive than replacing cheaper materials sooner.

Retro kitchen design elements such as green and pink tiles or Formica counters are making a comeback in modern kitchen styles. Stainless steel digital appliances are common, and paneled wood cabinets that were popular in the past are now being replaced with smooth sleek wood or metal doors. Folding doors are becoming more common than glass cabinets. Push-out power strips, removable cutting boards and pull-out pan racks are just a few space-saving innovations in modern Canadian kitchens. These are some other popular features:

  • Colored misshapen sinks
  • Narrow, shallow and flat cabinets
  • Two-tone wood themes