Honeycomb Door Care

Honeycomb Core Interior Door Design

Honeycomb cores lend stability and durability. While the spaced appearance of honeycomb material may not look as sturdy, it is stronger than composite or other fiber blends for solid core doors.

The honeycomb material is made from thick durable paper. This special material may be used in the middle of steel, flat or other door types. A special glue bonds different materials and the melamine plates of the door. Honeycomb doors are easy to transport.

Other Interior Door Designs

Recycled wood products are used to make medium-density fiberboard or MDF doors. The fibers are durable, and even people on tight budgets can afford these doors. MDF doors are completely smooth, which makes them easy to paint. Glass and metal doors provide a sleek look and are great for alternative themes. Both metal and glass doors tend to be more expensive than hollow and solid wood doors.