Custom Made

About Custom Made Modern Kitchens

Simplicity is in style, and most designs include a wide-open counter space with plenty of smart storage inside of cabinets. One of the most common trends is trapezoid storage components. These include both drawers and cabinets, which are usually in the same space. The shapes provide aesthetic appeal but double as space-saving features by using almost all negative space. To create the appearance of a bigger room, many small custom made kitchens are being renovated with arches or multiple ceiling angles.

Bar stools that store easily under narrow counter-style dining tables are also popular. To add aesthetic appeal, lights are commonly placed under the counter. Granite is still a timeless look for modern kitchens. Many custom made kitchens use gray and white granite combined with all-white appliances and cabinets that have light strips along the bottom. Modern sinks with shaped faucets and curved designs are common. These are some other popular design elements in modern custom made kitchens:

  • Hanging track lighting
  • Two-sided cabinets
  • Corner storage units
  • Stored tables and chairs