Standard Equipment for 36”x80” slab in white color
Available configurations: Single, Double, with Sidelights and Transom
Single slab up to 45″ WIDE x 118″ HIGH
U-value 0.177 (0.67 W/m2K) with 3 – sealing system
R-Value = 5.65
Door slab thickness 3-1/2″ with triple glazing and extended thermal insulating zone

from $4500

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Door Sizes

  Standard Oversize
Width 39-3/8" - 45-1/4" (1000-1150mm) 49-1/4 (1250mm)
Height 78-3/4"- 86-5/8" (2000-2200mm) 94-1/2" (2400mm)
Requirements 3 hinges, 3-point locking system 3 hinges, 3-point locking system,

92-1/8 reqire 4-point locking system

 termal insulation U-value 0.147 (0.84 W/m2K)

Sidelights and above lights

Both type lights available
Can be double or triple galzed
Laminated glass is opyional
Sidelight width from 12" upto 5'
Above light height from 12" to 39"
For homes over 3600' comptession vavle reqiered

Colors available in 4 price group


Outside Long Handles

Specialty Handles for some doors models

Locking System

Protective Trim









Finger scanner

Door closer

6277 Electronic peephole
6277 6278 ELectronic peephole with bell and recording function (battarey-powered)


6302 Peephole chrom



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