Exterior doors

Exterior doors

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Exterior Door Design

As time passes, a good exterior door may pay for itself by saving energy or increasing the home’s value. When buying an exterior door, it is important to consider the style, material and features. Some doors have panels while others are completely smooth. Ornate paneled doors may have six or more panels while simpler styles feature two or four.


For door materials, there are options such as steel, wood and glass. While some wood doors are made from solid timber, others have solid cores or no cores and are made from fiberboard. Steel is economical and will last for years, and this type of metal is durable. Wood may be soft or hard. Pine and cedar are common softwoods, and oak and mahogany are common hardwoods. Fiberglass is another option. It can mimic the appearance of wood but does not require as much upkeep. It is also less likely to warp with prolonged exposure to humidity.


When picking a door, pay attention to these important features:

  • Be sure that the door has the appropriate type of lock or the capability to hold the desired lock type.
  • Choose a type of glass that is economical and practical for the location.
  • Choose an in-swing or out-swing door depending on preferences or needs.
  • Decide whether to place hinges on the left or right side depending on individual design preferences or needs.